Review: Vietnam: A Destination in Flavortown – Inspired by Little Vietnam Bar & Grill in Nyack, NY

Little Vietnam Bar & Grill located in Nyack, NY is a taste of Vietnam for those without a plane ticket. I’ve never even been to Vietnam, but this place makes you feel like you know what you would expect half way around the world. From the Pho, to the Xoi Lap Xuong (sauteed sticky rice with egg, pork, Chinese sausage, peanuts and dried shallots), this kitchen has filled me with mind blowing meals since the first time my dad brought it home. Having a parent that is pushing the food envelope in his cooking and dining affairs is important for the development of a young grasshppper like myself. It all started with the duck soup, which had the thinnest egg noodles, Chinese broccoli and duck floating in a sweet, drinkable broth. The balance of flavors is what makes this cuisine so sexy. Sweet, salty, sour, spicy. Just like Doritos, it confuses and delights with every bite.

The owners have taken care of my family for decades. Let them do the same for yours.

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