Review: The best Burger and Pizza in NYC is at one restaurant? – Inspired by Emmy Squared Pizza

Who makes the best pizza and burgers in the city? Emmy Squared thinks they can make both and so do I.

This crowd pleaser of a gem is easily going to blow you away. Flavor, uniqueness, service, atmosphere, they fucking figured it all out. The burger is on a pretzel bun… this is typically a recipe for disaster. Not here tho. I couldn’t even begin to give a name to the sauce that is covering two cheese draped patties with a little bit of lettuce (that I don’t even hate). It all comes together into my favorite burger in the city. Made better by friends to share it with.

In regards to the ‘za. Detroit style square pieces is what you’re going to get here. That’s good because if you’re in NYC trying to make New York pizza, the list of expectations is tremendous. Their square is the balance of crispy, soft, blow you away flavor that you are going to expect after reading this. The option with pepperoni, pickled jalapeños and honey is the epitome of what you would expect with this flavor combo. This gives Roberta’s Bee Sting pie a ride for its money even when I’m slightly drunk at Urbanspace Vanderbilt.

Go go go go go. It’s worth a gamble.

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