Review: No Menu, No Problem – Inspired by Dominick’s on Arthur Ave, Bronx

Fuhgeddabout every American Italian restaurant in your vocabulary. Dominick’s sets the standard and has been making the classics right from Arthur Ave in the Bronx forever. That’s in NY if you’re a lost puppy. Now I hope my knee caps don’t get broken for saying American Italian, but that’s how I see this institution. There’s a bar at the front and a kitchen in the back. In between these two areas, that’s where the magic happens.

Start with the antipasti salad. It’s the best salad in the world. No exaggeration. Then, finish with whatever the f**k you want. I’ve had the baked clams. Excellent. I’ve had the stuffed artichoke. Excellent. I’ve had the shrimp in tomato sauce, the pork with cherry peppers, the bread that mops up your lost hopes and dreams. They are all excellent. The service and hospitality at this place is second to none. I don’t even know what that expression means, but I think this is the right time to use it. No more typing, get goin’.

Googled For You
Menu: Dominick’s never had a menu pre-COVID so let’s keep it that way.