Review: Iwant Ramen – Inspired by Ivan Ramen, NYC

When I want ramen, Ivan Ramen is the standard. Their shio ramen has pork chashu, scallions, egg, and of all things, tomato, which makes for a damn satisfying bowl of noods.

You may have seen his Chef’s Table episode, but you will drop at the waist side after tasting this soup. Sit at the ramen bar, order the spicy cucumbers to start. Those cucumbers are made like I wish I could make them at home. Crunchy, balanced, salty, spicy. Give me more.

Then, the ramen comes. The broth is what I go back for. Shio is a style that is minimalist in nature. No crazy amount of soy sauce, miso, or pork fat. There silky bowl has a chicken/slightly smoky fish flavor that makes you realize the subway ride or flight there was worth it. This guy was famous in Japan for a reason. What are you waiting for?

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