Review: ‘Cause karma is my boyfriend – Inspired by Karma Kafe in Hoboken, NJ

Indian food is the goat. At Karma Kafe, a bustling Indian restaurant in Hoboken, I’ve been a happy customer for many years. Among hit after hit on their menu, they serve ever-so-tender, perfectly seasoned lamb buried in a spiced creamy spinach sauce that would make Bourdain happy. And With samosas the size of softballs, the enjoyment starts way before the first piece of lamb hits your plate. I know size doesn’t matter, but it does give more pleasure in this instance.

You’ll instantly want Karma Kafe exclusively making these masterpieces for the rest of your life. They have this dusting of spice on the outside that gives me joy in a lot of ways that other food, and things for that matter, can not. How can something so obvious like a little extra seasoning be so good and not be done all over the world every day for everyone else to freak out about? There are some questions that just can’t be answered. 

I’m freaking out because Karma Kafe needs to be shouted from the roof tops. It needs to be yelled back from the gods as the holy prophecy for all others to achieve. It’s Like going to Mecca, but better. Lucky for you, you now are equipped to go build some good karma and eat some good food. Get goin’ my young, hungry follower. Great food awaits at their endless lunch buffets or literally just order anything, anytime.

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